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How will I benefit from using K World Solutions Outsourcing services?

Outsourcing services has many benefits
1. There is a considerably shorter product/ solution software delivery time.
2. You have a team of qualified and experienced experts at your service.
3. The outsourcing service is a cost effective alternative to having a full-time software development team.
4. You have our highly professional experience, knowledge and expertise.
5. We can develop cutting-edge software products and solutions.
6. Our team consists of software professional with different areas of expertise. This enables the development of products and solutions that are comprehensive.

What if I'm not sure of what kind of service I need?

You can contact our team for a consultation and discuss your software product and solutions needs and requirements.

How to start with K World Solutions?

Use the Contact Us section to contact us for a consultation and we will help you through the procedure.

How can I get the estimation for an outsourcing service?

In general, the cost of a custom product/ solution can is dependent of various factors. We can estimate the cost of a project and give you a quote. You only need to give us a list of your requirements and needs for the product/ solution. Our outsourcing services are a cost effective method to get a key competency oriented software product and solution.

How can I communicate with K World Solutions?

We have several communication methods. Please see our Contact Us page.

What is our outsourcing development team?

Our dedicated team of software professionals will evaluate your product/ solution requirements and develop a unique software product /solution. Our team consists of experts, as a client you will be delegating the software development to these experts.

How can I be sure of the quality of K World Solutions software products / solutions?

K World Solutions has industry level high quality stringent Quality Assurance and Testing standards.

K World Solutions Software Quality Assurance team ensures high quality software solutions and products and monitors every stage of the development cycle. We ensure that software testing is conducted at every stage of development.

What if I would like to request a pilot project before signing a contract?

We can arrange for a pilot project before signing a contract. The payment varies depending on the product/ solutions requirements. Contact Us for more details.

How can I control my project flow?

We believe in constant appropriate communication with our clients throughout the development process.

Our development team is tasked with keeping clients up-to-date about the software development. We provide clients with continuous reporting and consulting no matter the distance and time zone.

How can you guarantee my security and privacy?

Our development procedure includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement with our clients. We keep all information strictly confidential and only carry out changes with the client consent. We put client confidentiality above all else. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use or contact us for more details.

What is the benefit of using SMS Messaging service and products?

It can be used as a cost-effective solution for Mobile SMS Marketing, Social Networking and Mobile Banking. A small/ medium business can use

It as a cost-effective and quick method to send SMS messages from the web to communicate with employees, suppliers , shareholders and customers. A business can also use it to run a low cost effective marketing or promotion campaign.

We offer customers volume discounts when a large number of SMS messages need to be sent.