Development Process

Our development process is unique and detail oriented. Our team of software professionals is committed to every stage of the development process. We consider our clients’ needs and requirements to be the most important aspect of our development process.

There is constant monitoring of the development process to ensure that the resulting software product or solution is consistent with the highest industry standards. We also have a high quality assurance and control procedure in place.

Our customers can benefit from our expertise and knowledge from anywhere in the world, at an affordable cost, through our outsourcing software development services.

The Development Process can be divided into sections.

1. Software Development Process

Our Software development process is designed to create a product or solutions after careful analysis of the necessary client requirements. The development process involves several stages each of which is constantly monitored for quality assurance and control. As a result, the software product or solution is tested during the development process.

Our development process consists of five stages Analysis, Development, Testing, Release and Support.

During the Analysis stage we discuss the clients software product or solutions requirements in detail. To ensure that any software product/ solution is developed to the client's specifications we analyze and clarify all the software requirements , with the client's. Next, we discuss the relevance of various technical and functional specifications of the software product/solution.

The next stage is the main Development stage. Since , we have all the technical and functional requirements our next step is to design software product/solution. After, we complete an initial design we discuss with our clients to make any modifications etc. Once the client is satisfied with the design we more to the next step. The next phase , is the actual software Coding. The result is a Beta version of the software solution/product that is ready for testing.

The next stage in the development process is Testing. Our team of software professionals then tests the software to ensure that industry standards are met, to make sure that the software is fully functional and to fix any bugs in the software. After testing is completed we move onto the next stage.

The next phase is Release. We have completely finished the development of the software product/solution . We provide our client with full product/solution documentation and source codes . The software can now be deployed and released .

In addition , to software development and release we offer our client's software support . Our client's can request a customized software support package to meet their software support needs.

2. Quality Assurance and Control

K World Solutions is committed to Quality Assurance and Control. We have implemented quality assurance and control procedures to ensure that the software products and solutions we develop are to the highest industry and compliance standards.

Through our intensive quality assurance and control process clients can be assured that the finished software product/ solution will be fully functional with the relevant technical specifications. Our team of software professionals is dedicated to assuring that the finished software meets quality and control standards. Our team is diligent and our systematic process ensures that quality and standard compliance are conformed with at every development stage.

Our software products are designed to increase business operational efficiency and business value.The quality assurance and control considers the clients functional and technical requirements for the software , overall software design and architecture.

We have intensive software testing procedures in place that help in quality assurance and control . Our software experts test the software and evaluate all the technical and functional aspects of the software product/solution. This ensure that the software is fully operational , performing at optimum level , highly secure and user friendly.

The standard testing techniques are utilized including
Unit testing
Integration testing
System testing
System integration testing
Regression testing
Acceptance testing
Software performance testing and load testing
Stability testing
Usability testing
Security testing
Migration testing
Compatibility testing
Installation testing

3. Software testing and Support

Software testing is an essential part of the development process because it ensures the viability of the software product or solution. We understand the importance of software testing to functionality and operational aspects of a software product. Our software professionals put the developed software through a rigorous and detail oriented software testing process before we release the product.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We conduct software testing to gain client confidence and satisfaction in our custom developed software products and solutions.Our software testing procedures is defined to meet the highest industry standards.Since custom developed software is unique client may require special testing procedures. If the client requires further software testing we will do the needful.

Since, the developed software product or solution is unique and it is difficult to gauge adaptability. Clients may be worried about software product functionality . For these reasons we also offer our clients software support as well. We have a dedicated team of software professionals that are highly qualified and skilled in various programming languages and the latest technologies. Since custom developed software is unique clients may initially require software support. Our software support service can be tailored to meet the clients specific software support requirements. Customer satisfaction is our main priority .Our procedures , development process and support mechanism are all in place to guarantee customer satisfaction


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